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White Sequined Bodysuit

White Sequined Bodysuit

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Designed for a dazzling festival experience, this bodysuit embodies the energy of rave culture and the flair of drag queen aesthetics. Inspired by the glitzy world of stage and performance art, this piece is adorned with shimmering stones and flowing tassels, capturing the exuberant spirit of a show girl.
Its snug fit offers the comfort of a catsuit, making it the ideal choice for the bold and the free-spirited looking to command attention. Perfect for delivering an unforgettable performance under the stage lights or amidst the festival crowds, the tassels sparkle with every movement, merging the rhythm of dance and music with the body. This garment is a bold statement of self-expression and artistic freedom.

*Gold-Black-Purple-White Colours
*Not See-Through
*Discreet Back zipper
*Easy To Wear

Your stage, your style, your moment – seize it in our stunning bodysuit!

Dimensions of the Model in the shot:
*Bust : 83 cm / 32''
*Waist : 63 cm / 24''
*Hips : 95 cm / 37''
*Length : 175 cm / 69 inch / 5.74 ft

About Product size:
*It is produced from flexible fabric.
*You can find the size details in the images.
*Please don't forget to check!

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