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Fringe Tassel Glitter Bodysuit

Fringe Tassel Glitter Bodysuit

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Ignite the stage with this fiery red number, a sartorial tribute to those who own the festival fields and captivate onlookers during stage shows. Drenched in crimson, the dress boasts an array of fringes that dance with vivacity, shimmering fiercely as they catch the light.
Its surface is meticulously embedded with sequins, creating a dazzling effect akin to a red supernova, ensuring that all eyes are on the performer.
The silhouette features a high neckline that seamlessly flows into a daring sheer cut-out, an enticing element that enhances performances, particularly in the realm of drag where boldness and extravagance reign supreme.
This dress isn’t just an outfit; it's a performance enhancer, amplifying the art of spectacle with its radiant hue and theatrical allure.

*Back Zipper
*Flexiable Fabric

Dimensions of the Model in the shot:
*Bust : 83 cm / 32''
*Waist : 63 cm / 24''
*Hips : 95 cm / 37''
*Length : 175 cm / 69 inch / 5.74 ft

About Product size:
*It is produced from flexible fabric.
*You can find the size details in the images.
*Please don't forget to check!

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