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Glitter Rhinestone Bodysuit

Glitter Rhinestone Bodysuit

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Crafted for the limelight, this shimmering ensemble is tailored for festival goers and stage performers who crave the spotlight. The dress is adorned with metallic fringe that cascades from the bodice, offering a fluid, dynamic sway with every movement, reflecting light magnificently. Its high-contrast sequin embellishments are meticulously placed, radiating a galaxy of sparkle that guarantees the wearer will be the center of attention.
With chest detail is particularly conducive to drag queen shows, where theatricality and allure are paramount. With its high-octane shine and daring design, this garment is a statement piece that elevates any performance to a celebration of unabashed glamour.

*Back Zipper
*Flexiable Fabric

Dimensions of the Model in the shot:
*Bust : 83 cm / 32''
*Waist : 63 cm / 24''
*Hips : 95 cm / 37''
*Length : 175 cm / 69 inch / 5.74 ft

About Product size:
*It is produced from flexible fabric.
*You can find the size details in the images.
*Please don't forget to check!

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