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Sheer Fringe Gold Bodysuit

Sheer Fringe Gold Bodysuit

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This is a striking bodysuit, designed with a flair for drama and elegance. Its sheer, black fabric serves as a canvas for the lavish embellishments that adorn it. The outfit features a high-necked, long-sleeved silhouette, with dazzling arrays of rhinestones and sequins creating intricate floral patterns across the chest and shoulders.
Adding to the allure, silver and crystal fringes cascade from the waist, creating a skirt of sparkling tassels that dance with movement. The sleeves and sides of the bodysuit are studded with sparkling accents that echo the extravagance of the centerpiece. It's a costume that combines the allure of transparency with the sparkle of stage-ready glam, perfect for performances that command attention.

*Back Zipper
*See Through

Dimensions of the Model in the shot:
*Bust : 83 cm / 32''
*Waist : 63 cm / 24''
*Hips : 95 cm / 37''
*Length : 175 cm / 69 inch / 5.74 ft

About Product size:
*It is produced from flexible fabric.
*You can find the size details in the images.
*Please don't forget to check!

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