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Luxury Crystal Jumpsuit

Luxury Crystal Jumpsuit

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Unveil a cosmos of glamour with this stellar jumpsuit and cape combo, tailored for the limelight. The jumpsuit, with its dark fabric, serves as a night sky for the constellation of rhinestones that scintillate across its surface. Its celestial patterns cascade over the sleeves and torso, culminating in a high neckline that evokes an air of refined drama.
The complementary cape, echoing the jumpsuit's astral theme, flows with celestial grace, its embellishments twinkling with every movement. Engineered for performers, this ensemble promises to maintain its stellar appeal under the scrutiny of stage lights, its stretchable fabric ensuring a flawless fit. Ideal for festivals or stage performances, this outfit is a tribute to the art of standing out.

*Back Zipper
*Not Transparent

Dimensions of the Model in the shot:
*Bust : 83 cm / 32''
*Waist : 63 cm / 24''
*Hips : 95 cm / 37''
*Length : 175 cm / 69 inch / 5.74 ft

About Product size:
*It is produced from flexible fabric.
*You can find the size details in the images.
*Please don't forget to check!

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